2019 Award Winning platform. The future of your Online Payment and Card Present transactions is here

Do you experience complexity from trying to manage multiple payments providers, multiple integrations, updates and spend far too much time reconciling transactions?

Welcome to our Omni channel Payments Solution. We make payments simple by providing merchants with a single interface to enable seamless operations. With TiCKPAY, you no longer need to manage multiple supplier contracts and reconciliations become easy through rich reporting. Your business will benefit by taking advantage of our aggregated, high volume negotiated rates and managing just one supply contract.

TiCKPAY is pleased to work with the global leader in e-commerce transactions to provide simple, safe and secure card acceptance for both online and in-store payments. Our Acquiring partner delivers to over 100 countries, has over six million merchant sites and transacts 80 billion payment transactions per year.

Our governance and policy team is comprised of industry experts. 

Our commercial and operations team have a combined 65-years of experience driving successful business outcomes. TiCKPAY’s ‘customer first’ technical specialists use the latest processes and tools to support your business. In addition, we have partnered with the world’s largest transaction processer with 30-years experience in providing secure, innovative and tailored payment solutions for small and large scale businesses in Australia, offering merchant acquiring solutions, transaction switching services, fraud detection and protection and credit card processing.

TiCKPAY is completely focused on helping customers grow their business. From corner shops and boutique outlets to major retailers, we enable businesses to accept a range of payment types – easily, securely and reliably, whether business is conducted in-store, on the go, by phone, or online. 

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