Personal online retail marketplace

TiCKPAY turns your social media into structured ecommerce solutions (Amazon).
Introducing PORM world’s first ‘Personal online retail marketplace’ increases revenue and growth for retailers.

PORM increases revenue and growth for retailers and is revolutionising search engine optimisation (SEO) to allow customers to rank higher for free.  
Retailers get the free benefit of our inventory system, our advertising platform on all social media and an all-in-one payment solution
We change the customers buying experience for on-the-spot in-store purchases and for delivering anything anywhere from within social media platforms.

TiCKPAY will utilise all ground transportation resources and Api’s available in every country to provide logistics efficiently and cost effectively for packaged goods
Consumers will choose which delivery options and costs to pay ie: 30 minutes outside your home with Rideshare/Taxi or at a time convenient to you.

View demo here

Our Shopping Cart allows you to:

  • Sell a lead product
  • Link related or overstocked products to the lead product
  • Sell on Social media, online, in email or text
  • We make selling safer than other marketplace sellers due to built in secure payments and delivery
  • Vendors are in control of delivery
  • Vendors can check reports online at ay time
  • Customers receive a delivery tracking number
  • End2End notifications are provided to Vendors and Customers throughout the complete sales and deliver process to provide excellent customer satisfaction

Simply go through the process below and try it out for yourself. We hope you’ll be delighted at how simple and effective this solution can be to help you sell your products.

1) Login into vendor panel using below URL.
2) Click on Products
3) Click on + Add Products
4) Add Product details and Submit.
5) After completing adding your product and submit, Copy the URL and paste it in to any Social Media platform to enable you to sell this product.
6) Copy the URL by clicking ‘Copy URL’ and click OK
7) Click ‘View URL’ to review. This is what your customers will see and they can add this product to the TiCKPAY shopping cart
8) When a buyer clicks ‘BUY NOW’ the item is added to the Shopping Cart and they can now pay you via TiCKPAY. Buyers can continue shopping if you have more products or ‘PAY NOW’.

9) When a buyer clicks ‘PAY NOW’ they complete their details and Click ‘CONFIRM TO PAY’
As the vendor, you receive an email and order number to fulfill the order by entering the delivery tracking number.

Once delivered, the vendor can close the purchase transaction

The Buyer receives an email with the order number. After the vendor has entered the delivery tracking number, the Buyer receives an email with tracking number details.

If you have any questions regarding our Sell Products Shopping Cart, please contact us and we will call you to discuss.


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