New Customer Enquiries and TiCKPAY Support

Technical Enquiries

Physical Terminal Support
Support for physical terminals including countertop, mobile and integrated terminals (8am—8pm Sydney time, 7 days a week).
+61 415 898 818
Online Facility Support

Support for online services including First Data Gateway (3pm—11pm Sydney time, 7 days a week).
+61 415 898 818

General Enquiries

Support for general day-to-day enquries including:

— Changes to business (address, account, terminal etc)
— Statement requests
— Authorisations
— Chargeback enquiries
— Transaction support

General Support

(Available 24/7)
+61 415 898 818

Relationship support

The Relationship Team is responsible for making sure you are happy with First Data, please contact us if:

— You have any commercial, pricing or contract questions
— Would like assistance with a new facility
— Have a challenging request, eg. change of ownership
— Need to escalate something
— Just want to chat

Relationship Team

(8.30am—5pm Sydney time, 7 days a week)
+61 415 898 818

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