Before you start integrating with our products, you might want to consider the available integration paths:

If you need any customization for the available integration methods or want to explore other methods of integration, reach out to our Support. 

Guidelines for Integration

You must consider the following guidelines to decide the appropriate integration path with the payment gateway.

  1. Direct Server to Server Integration

    • PCI compliance
      Customer data is collected by your server, and then transferred to Tickpay. It is your responsibility to fulfill PCI DSS requirements to protect cardholder data such as card number, expiry date and card security code.

    • Look and feel of the Checkout
      You have the entire control of the customer data that provides you complete flexibility to customize the look and feel of the payment page.

  2. Checkout Integration

    • PCI Compliance
      The sensitive customer’s details entered in the payment page can be redirected to Tickpay’s servers. As the details are sent to our servers, you do not have to worry about the technical details of the PCI DSS compliance. All the customer’s details are securely captured in our servers, other details such as contact and order can be captured at your end.

    • Look and feel of the Checkout
      Lesser flexibility on look and feel as the customer may have to leave your site for making the payment.

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